Jump into Easy Breezy Khadi to Chill Out During Long Weekend Escapes

Ok so we have some tips for you when you plan to chill out at one of your ticked off vacation spots…

Long weekends brings a lot of joy and you know that it’s time to rejuvenate your spirits…Away from the buzz of the citylife at a retreat that helps you capture your senses back in place…

Now if it is all about zero stress then why bother at all what to pack in your backpack…We can do that bit for you…Our youthful lookbook makes it easy for you to shortlist styles for your getaway… All you need to do is match up these outfits with cool wraps, minimal jewellery, classy handbags and a pair of sneakers should be enough…

It’s simple- Dress down in comfortable khadi with easy breezy silhouettes and jovial colors that liberate your soul. Below are few looks that you can opt for grabing some best Khadi collection from www.iwearkhadi.in

 Now quickly add these to your cart and get going!!


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